A whole-listic approach to fundamental learning-providing solutions that yield results.




Pretty Geeky Kids Club is an education website with a whole-listic approach to fundamental learning-providing solutions that yield results.



PGKC provides books and supplemental resources that (1) cultivate a love for learning and (2) establish and reinforce an in-depth understanding of new concepts.



PGKC recognizes that children are underperforming. Teachers are unable to fill every need and parents need support. Our why is you!

Simply creating a platform isn't enough.



Calling words on a page isn't reading. Your child must also be able to process and understand the text. This comes with practice and dialogue. By talking with your child before, during, and after their reading time, you are encouraging them to think about the words before them, rather than just regurgitate them as they see them on the page. Here at The Pretty Geeky Kids Club, we have created an online classroom that will aid your child in becoming a stronger reader. 


Have you ever looked at one of your child's homework assignments and wondered, what is this? If you've answered yes, you're not alone. This is why this platform is important. In a time when classroom sizes are growing, the amount of differentiation required in a single classroom is growing just as much. Our children learn differently, and they learn at different paces. The Pretty Geeky Kids Club provides you with the resources so that you can support your child and their individual needs. We have even created videos for you. We are going above and beyond to ensure your child's excellence.

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Our Team Makes it Possible


With two curriculum specialists with 30 years of combined experience; a family support specialist who has a Master's in Social Work, a certification in School Counseling and over ten years in human support services; a youth development specialist who has spent the last several years implementing children programs in the community; and a double doctorate STEM consultant, you could say that we're prepared.



Comprehension Matters


Becoming a proficient reader takes practice. It also takes discussion of the content and context. While you're shopping for your next read, subscribe to our mail list to gain access to our FREE Pretty Geeky Guide to Reading Proficiently.


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