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Founded by author and writing mentor Laneshia Lamb, the Pretty Geeky Kids Club is committed to becoming the village it takes to ensure your child is successful.


Classrooms have changed tremendously in the last 15 years. And as parents, we must adapt to prevent our children from falling behind. One parent's fight to ensure that her child excelled became her purpose to provide a platform for other children to do the same. The Pretty Geeky Kids Club is a whole-listic approach to fundamental learning-providing solutions that yield results.  


We are sure you noticed our use of the word whole-listic. This spelling was absolutely on purpose. Years ago, we lived by the notion that "it takes a village to raise a child." In recent years, many of us have strayed away from this belief. The Pretty Geeky Kids Club is here to reignite this light. It takes everybody to ensure that our children are successful. It's a whole contribution on the behalf of many. The sooner we accept this, the less stress we expose ourselves to as parents.

Get the help you and your child need. 


Laneshia Lamb, MBA


Constance Thomas, MA
Curriculum Specialist 


Waneshia Gaines, MSW
Family Support Specialist 


Kenyatta Lanier, MA
Youth Development Specialist 

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Lillie R. Lanier, M.Ed
Curriculum Specialist 


Dr. Lesly Samedy


Partner With Us


From July 23 - Aug 9, Pretty Geeky Kids Club will be facilitating our first GEEK TANK program. Over the course of 3 weeks (July 23 - Aug 9), the Pretty Geeky Kids Club will teach a group of children how to build robots from scratch. Yes, mainframe, motors, and all. Once complete, they will finish the design by using recylcable materials to craft their robots’ cover. And that’s just part one. Part two includes giving their robot a name, learning how to create a business centered on it, and pitching their robot to a panel of judges posing as retailers. Our panel will judge them based on construction, creativity, and presentation. At the end, a winner will be selected, recognized, and photographed for all of their hard work. 

We’ve been fortunate on our journey to GEEK TANK. North Carolina A&T donated eighteen robots and James Sprunt has allowed our nonprofit to utulize their facility at no cost. We’ve managed to raise nearly $1000 to offset costs like supplies, insurance, and other incidentals. Now, we are seeking financial support to feed our scholars a nutritional lunch and provide at least one snack. Our current need is $1500.

Your contribution will not only help us bring a new, never before seen program to Duplin County, it will also help us further our organizational goals to (1) cultivate a love for learning and (2) establish and reinforce an in-depth understanding of new concepts.

donation levels

  • Green Sponsor - $5.00
  • Yellow Sponsor - $25.00
  • Blue Sponsor - $50.00
  • Red Sponsor - $100.00
  • Bronze Sponsor - $500
  • Gold Sponsor - $1000
  • Platinum Sponsor - $1500


Are you a parent, teacher, administrator, or educational professional who would like to share your story? Perhaps you have an experience that you feel others would benefit from reading. If so, partner with us and share on our blog.


submission guidelines

  • Share what happened, and how you overcame.
  • Be sure to share any applicable lessons learned.
  • Include a bio, 50 - 100 words.
  • Don't forget to share any applicable links, sources, and pictures.
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