10 Things You Should Know About PGKC

First I released the news that Barrington Learns to Read would be dropping on 11/24. Then I threw in a bomb to really shake things up. Pretty Geeky Kids Club was on the rise. I guess, technically, it would be on the fall since I was dropping it...either way, you know what I mean.

Since I teased you all with the news, the post amassed over 400 likes and 30 shares. You guys showed a lot of love, and I appreciate it. But now that the book has actually dropped, and the site has launched...now what?

Now the real work begins. But before we get started, here are a few PGKC facts:

PGKC is a whole-listic approach to fundamental learning-providing solutions that yield results.

So, what does that mean? It means we believe that our children's success is a whole contribution on the behalf of many. Everyone has a role, and as parents its important that we understand what's expected of them in the classroom so that we can do our part successfully. Read more about our roots and why we started here.

PGKC has a team of six committed to your child success.

I wrote my first education-centered business plan over five years ago. When the idea resurfaced, I knew I couldn't accomplish such a huge task alone. So I reached out to some of the most capable people I knew and they were more than willing to come aboard. 

PGKC is inspired by the experiences of our team members and the stories we frequently read online. Check out our team.

PGKC currently targets first, second, and third graders.

PGKC believes it's impossible to truly support the child without also support the parents, that's why we've create the Parents Cafe - Join here!

As parents, we want our children to succeed. The reality is, it isn't always easy. Between work, school, family obligations, and whatever else may be happening in our lives, it can become quite difficult to manage it all. We know and we understand. That's why The Pretty Geeky Kids Club also has a Parents Cafe. This is where you go to learn strategies to help you deal with your frustrations. Stress is real, and when left unattended it can affect other areas of our lives. You are not in this alone. We are here to support you.

PGKC is currently offering The Geek Box until December 8th. It will contain a copy of our first children's book, a brand tee, our quarterly magazine, and trial access to our online classroom.

Each quarter the box contents will change. Our theme for March is Science. June's theme is Technology. September's theme is Engineering. December's them is Mathematics. It is our goal to make well-rounded students. The more exposure they have, the more prepared they will be in the classroom and when its time to decide on a career.

PGKC offers services in tiers. Our tiers start at $4.99/month and go up to $19.99. They include a variety of items like worksheets - practice builds performance - discount codes, access to online learning tools, like games and flash cards. Check out our tiers here.

PGKC has an online marketplace for children's book. So not only can you grab a copy of Barrington Learns to Read, you can also check out and purchase other children's books. See the full gallery here.

PGKC is EXCITED! We love learning, so do our children. And we want to make it fun and easy for them to continue to do so. 

PGKC knows you're thinking, why @prettygeekykidsclub and the answer is simple: because we genuinely care. Subscribe to our mailing list to see for yourself. We will be sending out freebies so parents can try our resources prior to committing. ☺️

As a parent, what could you use help with?