What do we do?

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Stream Date: Nov. 28, 2017 | Theme: What do we do?

Pretty Geeky Kids Club's goal is to provide books and supplemental resources that will (1) cultivate a love for learning and (2) establish and reinforce an in-depth understanding of new concepts.. In what capacity do we do this?

It's important that you're clear about where you're going in order to properly map out how to get there.

When I work with my sixth-graders, I have them writing about where they see themselves ten, fifteen, twenty years from now. I do this because even if they don't hit the nail on the head, even if they don't do, in twenty-years what they sought out to, they will have, at the very least, prepared themselves for something amazing. Whether your son or daughter's goal is to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or ninja-scientist, like my son, being clear and feeling confident in that decision will impact how they perform today. 

Their goals are like places that are miles away. And their daily performance is like laying tracks for a railroad. Each day, they're getting closer as they lay track after track. And if, for whatever reason, they change their mind about where they want to go, they've still progressed from where they were.

Insert example about being writer when you grow up and changing your mind to become a teacher, perhaps because you were inspired by an awesome teacher in your past. They did the work in ELA, in Math, their behavior was on point, they've created relationships, and now that they've graduated, they have a network they can utilize to landing a job as a teacher.

As parents, we are there to lead and guide them, but in the fail chance that we don't have the answer, its important that we have support systems around us that we can fall back on.

That's what we do. We educate and we empower. One of the major topics that we will be getting into with parents, is make sure you all understand the common core standards. Even though these standards are laid out for us on the internet, how many of us have taken the time to read it...to digest it..to understand it...and ultimately, incorporate it into our daily and weekly practices?

It may seem like a lot but....

You can't expect anyone to invest more into your child than you are willing to. Although the teacher is facilitating his/her education in the classroom, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of the big picture. And that's where the empowerment comes into play. By PGKC working with you to understand common core, you can now make more informed decisions as it relates to your child's education and their performance. When you attend a conference, you can show up with confidence because you understand what will be discussed. Better yet, you may not even have a conference scheduled because your son or daughter is killing it.

It's important that you practice if you intend to build performance.

  1. The first thing we do when you enroll your son or daughter is assess their performance using our online games. It's a test, yes. And if you're thinking, why another test. Its because in order for us to provide you with your suggested study, we need to know where your child is currently performing. But don't worry, there are no scan trons or bubble sheets. 
  2. We design ELA and Math Worksheets based on common core standards and distribute them to you based on the results of your son or daughter's assessment.
  3. Quarterly we will feature The Geek Box, which will have a STEM focus for 2018. We do this because a quality education is about exposure, access, creativity, and being well-rounded. We want to be sure we are providing your child with the tools to excel in science, technology, and engineering as well as reading and math.

It's important that we see people who look like us so that we understand that our potential is limitless. 

And that's why I added the children's book marketplace. Corvin was so excited to see a book in his likeness, and even more excited to see his name on the cover. When I completed this project I realized that out of 100 or so books, he doesn't have any with characters who look like him. So, instead of selling just my book on the website, I searched for authors and listed them as well. And no, I don't get paid anything from your purchase of their books. Just the satisfaction that you've added another diverse read to your collection. 

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