Who are we?

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Stream Date: Nov. 27, 2017 | Theme: Who are we?

Pretty Geeky Kids Club is a whole-listic approach to fundamental learning-providing solutions that yield results. So what does that mean?

PGKC believes it is everybody's responsibility to positively impact children's lives and ultimately the success therein.

When it comes to the classroom success, it takes the teacher, the parents. If either person is unable to show up, problems will arise. And sometimes, problems arise any way. We see the star pupils plastered across Facebook, right? Chances are those children have amazing support systems, their parents started early, or they're just blessed. Obviously, I am generalizing. But in the grand scheme of things, these are the options. Let's say a child has a decent support system but the parent doesn't understand the material. Then what? Or, the support system at home isn't strong and the teacher needs help. She has 19 other students in her class and its difficult for her to focus on the one unresponsive parent. Now what? Or, the parents are eager to play a role but the teacher has checked out. Umm, hello? All of which have one thing in common, lack of balance. 

In the scenarios above, the parent and teachers are on a seesaw and they are going up and down, based on who is able to carry their weight. But what if they had access to a program that provided the necessary support, taking them from a seesaw to a bench. The program provided resources and they followed up to ensure continual progress. How would those families be impacted? Pretty positively right? That program is who we are.

PGKC cares about your child's learning experience and thats why we created a program that supports it.

If you've ever worked in a classroom before, whether as a teacher or a volunteer, then you know what it's like. There are dozen or more of children, all learning differently. They all have their own set of intentions for the day, and they all have very different home lives. Teachers are tasked with differentiating their instruction so that all students have an opportunity to learn. Have you ever tried to teach two children how to do something who had entirely different ways of processing information? Okay, take that experience and multiply it times five. That's what teachers are experiencing daily. 

On the flip side, if learning objectives are tackled at home as well as in the classroom, how much less frustrated would the teacher be? How much less frustrated would you be with the teacher? How much more confidence would your son or daughter have in the classroom? Imagine if you went into an interview without preparing. Very few of us would get the job. But what if we had access to a program that taught us how to prepare and actually put what we learned into practice, we would be landing jobs left and right. That program is who we are.

PGKC is committed to creating results. Our team is experienced and we aren't just going to give you access to tools, we are going to support you through your use of them.

It was important for me to surround myself with people who knew more than me. To me, that meant there would be no limitations. If I couldn't do it, I knew somebody who could. It's my belief that we should adopt the same mentality as parents. Surround yourself with people who can help you. The goal is for your child to be successful, right? Can we really tell our children, or other children for that matter, that they can be whatever they want to be, if we aren't putting them in positions to make that happen?

I am going with no for $100 Alex.

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