Why are we?

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Stream Date: Nov. 29, 2017 | Theme: Why are we?

Pretty Geeky Kids Club is here because we recognize a need.

Children are underperforming. Performance gaps are growing. Teachers can't do it all. Neither can parents. There are tons of learning resources, but how many of them are able to focus solely on you and your child's needs...in the comfort of your own home?

People will call us crazy. They may call us overly ambitious. They may even say that this will never work. And guess what, that's okay. None of that will change who we are, what we do, or why we do it.

Our why is your family!

Begintoread.com reported that 2/3 of students who can not read proficiently by the end of 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare. They go on to say that, 4th grade is the watershed year. They've predicted that if they aren't reading proficiently in the 4th grade, he or she will have approximately 78% chance of not catching up. Read it for yourself here.

It's a tough thing to read, especially because I am sure you know at least one child who is not reading or comprehending on grade-level. Although illiteracy is, often times, passed down from parents and/or guardians, literacy can be learned. Your son or daughter can learn to read. They can learn to process information. And they can learn to problem solve. We must start by (1) building them up, (2) meeting them where they are, (3) facilitating the material in an engaging manner, and (4) giving them the attention they need.

Reading literally affects everything. From college, job, and scholarship applications, to contracts and other legal agreements. If you lack the ability to process and understand words then you are left with relying on others to explain things to you. In some cases, paying them to do so. Reading comprehension is important, not just for a test, but for life. 

Now let's talk numbers. Blacks, hispanics, and American Indians are underrepresented in the STEM workforce. And even though the numbers have increased over the years, this is still a white and asian males dominated industry. I read a 2015 article from us news with headlines reading: The STEM workforce is no more diverse than 14 years ago. The article attributed a lot of this to lack of access, whether that be to advanced mathematics classes or information, in general, about those degree fields. 

How many of you have heard someone say, "I hate math!" Have you been the person to say that? Even if that's how you feel, be sure to not teach that hate to your son or daughter. If math isn't your strong subject, that's even more of a reason to create a network around you-who is able to be strong where you are weak. The more solid your foundation, the more opportunities available to you.

This is why PGKC was founded. To educate and empower you and to support you and your children on their road to success.

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