Are you the reason your child isn't performing?

It's important that we are honest with ourselves and the role we play in our child's success, or lack thereof. I have had to do this and I urge you to ask yourself, "am I the reason my child isn't performing?" And because I love you and am totally committed to your family's success, I put together a few identifiers as well as tips to nip the problems in the bud.

Your child lacks organization skills.

This behavior can translate to the inability to focus in the classroom. Create a routine at home. Set specific times and spaces to complete homework. Make sure your son or daughter can distinguish between the time to work and the time to play.

You are chasing perfection.

I was bad for this. I wanted my son to make perfect scores on everything he attempted. Then it was brought to my attention by my mother that this was unrealistic and rather unhealthy. A child's ability to perfectly score every single thing he's given could be an indication that he isn't being challenged. Sure, those 100's look awesome on the report card but if your child could be doing more, why hold him back?! Make sure that your child understands that it is "okay" to not be perfect. The goal is to always be improving, growing, and developing. In the challenge is change and in the change is growth.

Your child lacks discipline.

I have to be frank with you and I am going to remix the scripture to do so. Train your child up in the way they should go and when they are out in public, they will not embarrass you. Seriously guys, it starts at home. The more structure an accountability they have at home the less disruptive they will be in the learning environment. Take it from the mother of the son who asks a million questions. I have to emphasize that there is a time to speak and a time to be quiet.  

You are too focused on shooting your shot.

As an entrepreneur, this identifier hits home. This was me. I was so focused on shooting my shot, on making sure I was 'securing the bag' that I was missing out on valuable time with my son. I call this #TeamCarmello. Carmel Anthony is a great player, but he is definitely a shot taker. He going for the gusto every time the ball touches his hands. Rarely does he pass the ball. In comparison, Russell Westbrook sacrifices high scoring nights to develop the team. Set times for work. When its time to pour into your family, put your phone down and close that laptop. Shift your thinking from the 'bag' to that growing child in front of you. Trade yourself to #TeamRussell as you begin to focus on the development of your team.

Your child lacks focus and is overactive in the classroom.

A good night's rest will solve a lot of the overactivity and focus issues your child is experiencing. Many times children lack focus as a result of being tired. Make sure your son or daughter is getting proper rest. Set a bed time and stick to it. My son has to be in bed by 8. The goal is to make sure he eats and bathes by 7:30, by 8 he's laying down for story time and those eyes are closed by 8:30/9.

So the question remains, are you the reason your child isn't performing?