I Almost Ran Away; Our Routine Saved Us Both

When I aired "Don't Waste Your Vacation Vacationing," I had no idea that my son would have another break immediately following Christmas. Who could have guessed that a couple days into the new year, we would have an ice storm causing them to miss a week of school. And all of this happening right around assessments. The irony of it all is eery. I'm not a psychic or anything, just a mother who has wasted a day or two in my time.

Luckily, I've wised up and equipped myself with the tools to prevent the waste. Every day that my son has been home, I've had work for him to do. My son is a video game and cartoon fanatic. If I would allow him, he would do one of the two or both all day long. But he knows that's not happening. So I created a routine during our days home. Our routine highlighted a few things:

1. Practice Builds Performance

I've been saying this since day one, but seeing it continue to unfold before my eyes is so rewarding. Not just for me but for him as well. I can see his confidence growing as he gets stronger and stronger. I know my son well enough to know that he does not like to lose. My high fives and 'you go boys' have really worked wonders for his relentlessness and overall belief in his own abilities. 

2. Teachers are the Real MVPs

He's my son and I was ready for him to leave this house. I was totally willing to rent a bus to personally drive all of these kids back to school. News Flash: I only have one child that I am responsible and he's mine. Can you imagine what these men and women are experiencing each day with a room full of our energetic, talkative, and all-around eager children? I am tired just thinking about it. Tell your child's teacher thank you. Not many of us are willing to do what they do, day in and day out. And if they're actually good at it, they deserve a round of applause. 

3. My Son is the BOMB

The point of creating a routine was to make sure he doesn't lose anything we've worked hard to establish. I wanted to keep the momentum going. What I ended up finding out is that he's pretty much the bomb. Okay, yea he got on my LAST nerve, but I learned a lot about him and the way he learns. The more I know about him, the better equipped I am to meet him where he is. I urge you to spend more time with your children as they learn. You will be surprised how enlightening those moments will be. You just may find the answers you've been looking for. 

4. Routines are Multi-Dimensional

The beauty of creating a routine is in its impact. Corvin strengthened his time-telling skills as a result of the structure we created. I was frustrated about him being out of school because I work from home. My productivity levels took a nose dive. After a conversation with my mom, I realized what we were missing: a clock. Of course I kept track of the time, but I hadn't given a clock to Corvin. I was all upset because every time I would find my writing groove, here he came with 135 questions. He wasn't able to make the connection between 'mommy needs to work for 30 minutes' and how much time actually passed. My mom was like, give him a clock. MINDBLOWN!!! So, not only was I able to get work done, he was able to complete his assignments, and get better with telling time at the same time. wow! 

Have you created your routine yet?

It's Word-Up Wednesday, and today's word is Magnify.

(verb) - to make something appear larger than it is. Play Vocab Smash II