Taking The Mask Off Bullying

You can't be against bullying without actually doing something about it. At least that's what Randi Weingarten thinks and I happen to agree with him. Working with middle-schoolers each week and watching them write stories that reflect their lives has inspired all of us here at PGKC. We want to bring the topic to the forefront. Let's talk about it, and explain it to our children. They need to be able to identify it when they see and/or experience it. 

As we begin this Mask off Bullying Series, we want to take a look at the bully. We also want to talk to you, the parent. Last night, my team member and I discussed the Tell Tale Signs That Your Child Is a Bully. (click here for replay) During our Live broadcast, we discussed the six signs that indicate you have a bully living in your own home. 

It's important that parents of bullies take the driver seat in this series. Take a long hard look at your children, if they are exhibiting any of these characteristics then its time for intervention. Have a conversation, teach them to be empathetic, ultimately, get to the root of the bullying. The more active parents-of-bullies are in dispelling this epidemic, the safer our schools will be for all of our children. It isn't just the bullied who are at risk in these situations. Everyone is affected.

If you feel your child may be a bully, take action now. And if you need help, ask for it. Don't wait for something to happen before speaking up.

Have questions regarding our Mask Off Bullying series or you have something you'd like to add, contact us and let's talk. 

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