The Road to STEM is Paved with Goals

MZAZI is Swahili for Parent or person from whom one is descended. And it is the union of all that we have been working on up to this point. Every Thursday since January, I have broadcasted LIVE sharing the things that I have learned and the people I've met. The purpose of this is to share the knowledge or expose you to things outside your own circles. And over the last 5 months we've been exposed to:

.....just to name a few. You can get the full list by clicking here

Feedback tells us that many of you find this broadcast helpful. It is our hope that you will find MZAZI just as enriched with resources. Our first issue takes a closer look at The STEM Path. In our Act Fearlessly broadcast, you were introduced to Dr. Lesly-Ann Samedy who received a dual doctorate from Mercer University in 2017. She shared with us how she was able to reach this point and how her support or inspiration didn't always come from people that looked like her. She resisted the urge on many occasions to kick up her feet so that she could see the day when Dr would precede her name. 

I loved Dr. Samedy's message and there was more. In the first issue of MZAZi, she shares why this path is paved with goals. There are gems here, lots of information to be absorbed and reapplied in your own lives. And if her story isn't reason enough to take a read, check out what else this issue has in store:

  • Interviews with Professionals in STEM
  • The Importance of Self-Care
  • How to Prepare for Next School Year
  • How to Foster a Love for Literature in your home
  • Letters written from the Parent + Teacher Perspectives

We have quite a bit in store for you guys with MZAZI magazine. For now, take a peek at our first issue and let us know what you think.