Geek is NOT a Bad Association!


When #GeekTank kicked off on July 23, one of the main points we wanted to drive home is that ‘Geek is not a bad thing’. And neither is being associated with them. By definition, a geek is someone who is an enthusiast or expert, especially with regard to technology or computers. It also references a group of individuals who share likes and/or characteristics. The Pretty Geeky Kids Club wants it’s members to be leaders, standout students in the classroom and their community, as well as all-around hard workers. In four short days and the first week of our first annual summer camp, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with children who are off to a great start at being all of these things. 

Week one was comprised of four main goals:  (1) creating teams based on skill assessments, (2) starting a toy-making business, (3) designing product, and (4) setting product prices. 

It was exciting to see how well the kids worked together in their teams and how they used their skills to the team’s advantage.

Next week, we will start to prepare for our final presentations. The children will get to make adjustments to their products, pricing, fine tune their pitches, and ultimately improve their public speaking skills. 

If you’re in Duplin County area and would like to serve on our panel of judges, please contact us.  

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Laneshia LambComment