Living in the Balance

Balance, to me, is knowing what you can and cannot do when it comes to your responsibilities,” she said (page 10). When I heard that, it resonated with me deeply. Too often we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed unnecessarily. We place more pressure on ourselves than anyone else ever could and we end up sick and tired. And in this case, what value are we to anyone. As I made my way through the pages of issue 02, digesting everyone’s perspective on balance, I was forced to assess my own thoughts. I gathered that balance doesn’t require you to juggle everything at once, at least not in the moment. Balance does, however, require taking a moment to plan. Even the strongest buckle when too much pressure is applied over an extended period of time. We [parents] aren’t any different. Sure, we exhibit superhero capabilities from time to time but at the end of the day we are only human. That means we get tired, make mistakes, become overwhelmed, and forget important things. I challenge you to find your balance and live there.

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Dayna Bolden | @vsdavisphotography

Dayna Bolden | @vsdavisphotography

I was first introduced to Dayna via her ‘How to Turn Your Influence into Income’ interview on the Side Hustle Pro Podcast. Hearing her story and how easy she made success sound intrigued me. I wasted no time searching her out on instagram and clicking that follow button. A few moments on her page and it was crystal clear clear why this wife, mom, boss is so in demand. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous with impeccable style, she’s managed to make a name for herself amid all the noise on social media. Actually, she hasn’t just made a name for herself, she’s asserted her authority with her bomb influence. So, I did what any writer who’s hungry for a story would do, I stalked her until the opportunity presented itself. Once the theme for issue 02 was confirmed, I knew she would be perfect for our cover feature. Because really, how does one balance being great at everything? 

The Inspiration Behind This Issue

In Issue One, The Road to STEM is Paved with Goals, our focus was to shed light on the many opportunities that lie within the STEM path. With this issue, we want to impress upon our readers just how important it is to find your balance as a parent. We talked with so many experts about how that could look in an effort to provide a tool of resources that you can immediately put to use.

In This Issue

  • Vibe your way into Mental Health with our specially curated playlist
  • Social Influence + The Cost of Beauty with the Moutry's
  • 5 Hot Spots Perfect for Destressing
  • 10 Tips to Commit to Your Physical Self
  • Inside the Mind of Wife, Mom, Boss, Dayna Bolden
  • and much more

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