How We Are?

Did you miss our live stream or did you just want to read our notes? Either way, here goes... 

Stream Date: Dec 1, 2017 | Theme: How we are? 

We are the Pretty Geeky Kids Club and we have a whole-listic approach to fundamental learning-providing solutions that yield results.  

We Educate and We Empower

As an education website, we are literally everywhere you are. However, we are based out of NC. And during the summer we will be hosting a live learning camp for our local members.  

We are committed to your success every single day. We are live now. You can get registered, get assessed, and gain access to the classroom. Even as members of or classrooms, you will still receive resources to your email the first of each month. Just as a courtesy. 

We do what we do because of you and your family. It takes a village and we are determined TK become that for you.

Now that we've discussed who, what, when, when, and why we are, let's dive into the how....

Our team makes it possible. We have two curriculum specialist, who have 30 years of combined experience. We have a family support specialist who holds a Masters in Social Work, a certification in School Counseling, and ten years experience in human support services. Our youth development specialist has spent the last ten years creating and facilitating youth programs in Wilson County and she's ready to bring the fun and engaging activities to your family. We also have a STEM consultant who is a double doctor, who has committed herself to you and your families by way of innovative and challenging activities to enhance your knowledge and grow your child's interest in these subject areas. And of course, you have me. I have several years of management experience. I am an author, writing mentor, and a kid-development fanatic. I love teaching people how to dream while their awake and actually implement the things they see for themselves.  

Our other  how is our resources. From our classroom, our assessments, worksheets, online book marketplace, and widely-accessible support, we have you covered. We understand how crucial common core is, and we want to ease your pain by guiding and navigating you through the education jargon. 

Our final how is you. Your support is needed. Whether you're a parent or simply an aunt, you can still help us by donating to the cause. We currently have 10 scholarships waiting to be given to children who need them and we want to have even more. If you find value in our program, please donate to the cause. No amount is too small. 

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