Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

When is the last time you told a teacher thank you? Serious question! As I type this, I am plotting on how best to communicate my gratitude to the teachers in my son’s life. They have been instrumental in a successful year. Teachers are like superheroes. Not many of us are able or willing to do what they do every day.  In honor of teacher appreciation week and the fact that they all deserve to be celebrated, I am singing their praises all-week-long.

Today, I want to bring your attention to Mr. Dana Harris. If you have yet to meet him then I suggest you sit back, click this link, and get familiar. I had the pleasure of having him on my LIVE series several weeks back and the feedback was phenomenal. He talked with us about mastering the fundamentals and how we parents tend to push our own feelings about math onto our children.

Been there, done that! 

I loved math growing up and I wanted my son to love it too. In addition to me wanting him to love it, I wanted it to come as easy to him as it did to me. And let me tell you, I had to realize that he and I are different. We were not taught the same and we problem solve in completely different manners. And, I was pushing my feelings onto him. It was unhealthy - so, I stopped and we are in a much better place. 

I appreciate teachers like Dana. Although, my son has never benefited from his instruction, his commitment to helping families is what lead me to him in the first place. He is the kind of teacher who realizes that his impact extends far beyond the classroom. He also understands that children and their parents need what he has: the will to teach and forever inspire.

Not only did I have Dana on my LIVE series, I also featured him in the first issue of MZAZI. He shared with readers how his grandfather inspired him to study mathematics. I think it’s important that we all fall in love with math. After all, it connects so many things that we experience every single day.

He’s coined himself the Best Online Math Tutor, and well, I call him the Best Math Teacher. Tap into this greatness, parents. And if your son or daughter needs support, Dana offers FREE consultations and half off the first session. You can’t lose with what you use.

Instagram: @ygmathtutoring