The Top Five Things We Need to Leave in 2017

We've been looking forward to this day.

The first day of the year. For many of us, it symbolizes a fresh start. A chance to get it right. An opportunity to make changes and switch things up a little. For those of you who fall in to this category, join me for a few as I get into The Top Five Things We Need to Leave in 2017. If you joined me live last night, then you already have the juice. Share the message for those who missed it.

#5: Comparisons

As you begin to sketch out your plans for 2018, leave 'comparing yourself' in yesterday. Social media connects us to people and brings us to their front day on a daily basis. We see these highlight reels, and start to reflect on our own lives. Don't do it. Don't start comparing. Don't compare your child to theirs, your man or woman to theirs, your job to theirs, your waistline to theirs....not NOTHING! Just don't do it. Instead, focus on all the good in your life. And if there is something you want to change, change it. Make a concrete plan and do the work. But for goodness sake, do it for you, not because you're comparing your life to an online 'standard' that may not even be a reflection of the truth.

#4: Defensiveness

Stop taking everything so personally. It's not always about you. When you meet with that teacher this year, go in there with open ears, an open mind and an open heart. Listen to what she's sharing. The reality is she's spending majority of the day with your child. She has a story to tell. The shared goal is your child. Take the personal feelings out of it. 

#3: Me Against the World

Leave all the negativity in 2017. Come into the New Year with a fresh perspective. It's not you against the world. There are many people out here who love you and genuinely care for you. Knock that wall down and stop pushing everyone who wants to help you away. There is beauty in friendships and networking. There is an opportunity to learn, share, and grow together. As proud as I am of you that you find satisfaction in your own company, I urge you to step out of your cocoon because you can't grow in there.

#2: Talking More than You Listen

This is a continued focus with my son. If I am being honest, it is also one for me. We feel like we have so much to say. And we just want to keep right on talking. Well, sometimes we need to hush. We may miss something valuable talking so much. If we are networking the right way, we have people around us who are smarter than us. That, in itself, is cause for being still and listening. As you navigate this New Year, listen twice as much as you speak. 

#1: Thinking Prayer, alone, is Enough 

I hate to break it to you, prayer, alone, isn't enough. There needs to be some action behind those words. If you grew up in the church then you've heard repeatedly how prayers changes things. You've also heard to let go and let God. Although I agree that prayer does change things, I must emphasize that it doesn't stop there. You need to ACT. Create a plan for the desires of your heart. Pray for the clarity and then get to work. For most of us, things don't just fall into our laps. There is work to be done. Don't miss out on the desires of your heart because you were waiting instead of working.

If you've made it this far into the blog, we are kindred spirits. We understand each other and what needs to be done in this New Year. I am excited about 2018 and I hope that you are too. There is a lot of work to do and much of it will require us all working together. So, I am challenging you. Challenging you to take a look at yourself to determine if any of these things were you in 2017. If any of them were, I want you to commit to leaving them in yesterday.

I want you to commit to (1) focusing on you and your family. Compare, only, the you yesterday to the you today. If you're doing well, give yourself some credit. If there are some changes to made, then do the work.

I want you to commit to (2) leaving the defensiveness in your past. Many times when we are overly defensive, its a result of wounds not yet healed. Heal them and move into this year with your power.

I want you to commit to (3) building your network.  Your network is your net worth. I know you've heard that before. And sadly, if you are the only one in your network, you leave yourself very little room to grow.

I want you to commit to (4) listening twice as much as you talk. You just may learn something, simply by remaining quiet. Whether you learn something that will move you forward to something or away from it, either way, you benefit.

I want you to commit to (5) acting on your own behalf. Faith without works is dead. Pray for it, believe it's possible, then work your butt off and watch what happens.

Are you up for the challenge? Will you make the commitment with me?