is the digital geek box for me?

PGKC has two objectives: (1) bridge classroom performance gaps, and (2) help students outpace grade-level standards. If you have a child in first, second, or third grade, chances are, you could benefit from our services. Fourth grade is a very important year for our children; we want to make sure they are overly prepared for what lies ahead.

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what if i can't afford the monthly fee?

If the fee is the issue, please contact us to receive a copy of our scholarship application. We have sponsors who are excited to submit payment on your behalf. PGKC does not want money to stand in the way of your child getting the support they need.

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do i need a computer for the assessments?

Our assessments are completed online. If you do not have access to a computer, please contact us to schedule a virtual-meeting with one of our our family support specialists. 

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do i need a printer to use the worksheets?

Although this is an online program, we understand that not all parents will have access to printers in the home. If this applies to you, please contact us to have your Geek Materials delivered via physical mail each month. There will be an additional cost for shipping. Luckily, paper is light. 

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how were the worksheets created?

All worksheets were created based on common core standards. They were then reviewed by our team of curriculum specialist to ensure they met classroom expectations.

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What if my child needs additional help?

Our support doesn't stop at our reading and mathematics worksheets. We also have Pretty Geeky TV and a team of tutors who are eager to work with your child one-on-one. So how do these options work?

Pretty Geeky TV is our very own channel created to help students and parents when concepts present more questions than clarity. Let's say your child's teacher is focused on skip counting this month, and you're having difficulty explaining this concept at home. Our videos break these concepts down in a way your children can easily understand. And guess what, they can be replayed as many times as you need to. 

Pretty Geeky TV will go LIVE on January 8, 2018, get notified.