Our Impact

Since our inception in 2017, the Pretty Geeky Kids club has been able to make its presence known online and in the classroom. From the release of Barrington Learns to Read, teaching children the difference between calling words and comprehension, to our first writing program, we've managed to create children authors, raise money for teachers, and fund our very first Summer Camp.

barrington learns to read

Our first children book drew a line in the sand between calling words on a page and actual comprehension. It took a look at a little boy's journey to becoming a better reader, and along the way we identified that he was not along in his struggles. And, he will not be alone in his success.

Are you a good reader? Barrington thought he was. His thinking quickly changed when he heard the frustration and sadness in his mother's voice. What was wrong with her? Was he not as good a reader as he thought? What was on that note from his teacher?
Parents who have a struggling reader will learn how their child might solve their own problem.
— Amazon Reviewer

Wee Writers Program

In 2017, we introduced our writing program at Kenansville Elementary School. We didn't know what to expect, we just knew we wanted to create something memorable for the students. Nearly nine months later, we've released a book containing eight stories told from the perspective of sixth-graders and we've decided to continue our program.

The proceeds from our writing program will serve as a grant for teachers - aiding them in purchasing classroom supplies.

They were asked a simple question: what problems do children your age face? They were tasked with taking that problem and creating a story. Many of which, centered on bullying - further confirmation that it’s a problem. Others shared stories about their family dynamics and how it impacted their grades.
Our goal this year was for these children to see the problems and work together to develop solutions. Along the way, they realized that solutions require the awareness and support of  others. In an effort to close the information gap, we compiled their thoughts -  in character form - of the issues they face every day. 


I’ve had fun writing my story. I learned a lot about solving problems and working with a team. Having my story published feels awesome.
— Morgan Strickland, 2018 Writing Group


We raised over two-thousand dollars in cash and in-kind donations for our first annual Summer Program.

Our success is measured by the learning-centered excitement we are able to create, the increased engagement we are able to garner form parents and guardians, the funds we are able to circulate within our community, and ultimately the number of children that keep coming back again and again. 

We feel confident that our programs will exceed our expectations. As we endeavor to expand our reach and, ultimately, our impact we are working diligently to produce summits, events, and camps that will enrich not only the lives of the families we target, but the entire community.