Pretty Geeky Kids Club
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Our Mission

a whole-listic approach to fundamental learning-providing solutions that yield results.

Pretty Geeky Kids Club’s key to success is our whole-listic approach. By offering support to both the child and the parent, we stand to have a much greater impact on the student. Our membership organization will provide a fun and engaging environment for students to learn and be exposed to new things. Our magazine and online presence will bring parental issues and concerns to the forefront, while offering resolutions. 

Our organization was created to supplement traditional instruction. We provide resources and support for children in an effort to (1) bridge classroom performance gaps, and (2) encourage children to think outside of the box. Families will find our business model attractive because our camps and programs that will challenge their child’s creative thinking abilities. Our goal is to engage students in a way that makes learning fun. 

PGKC believes that parents should not wait for the opportunity to correct performance. Instead, they should create a pattern of excellent performance. It is our primary objective to provide, in one place, the tools that families need to not only succeed, but also excel. 

Having my story published feels good. It feels good because as a child, I’ve accomplished something.
— Gernyla Miller, 2018 Writing Group

The Pretty Geeky Kids Club will further its educational, charitable, and literary purpose by operating a summer and weekend enrichment club that benefits the whole family. 

Our success will be measured by the excitement we are able to create - centered on learning, the increased engagement we are able to garner from parents and guardians, the funds we are able to circulate within our community, and ultimately the size of our membership list. Our goal is to continue to create partnerships within the community so that we may track our club-member's performance in and out of the classroom. In addition, community partnerships will bring us face-to-face with the needs of those we service.

We intend to work tirelessly to show children and their families what's possible when you work hard and you have the support necessary to ensure your success.