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MZAZI is a quarterly magazine for Parents centered on shedding light and providing exposure. To navigate the paths before us, we must understand how important exposure is. The reality is we don't know what we don't know. And, exposure brings to light ideas that were once in darkness. It also gives us more options. And without it, our habits and our choices tend to fall in concentrated areas-the ones we know the most about and feel the most comfortable with. Issue 02 of MZAZI explores living in the balance and the cruciality of finding what that means to you.

The Pretty Geeky Kids Club is an educational organization who has a whole-listic approach to fundamental learning-providing solutions that yield results. It is our belief that we can't support the child without supporting the parent. For this reason, MZAZI was born. Our goal is to put out relevant content that can be immediately applied in the lives of families everywhere.

In This issue...

  • Vibe your way into Mental Health with our specially curated playlist

  • Social Influence + The Cost of Beauty with the Moutry's

  • 5 Hot Spots Perfect for Destressing

  • 10 Tips to Commit to Your Physical Self

  • Inside the Mind of Wife, Mom, Boss, Dayna Bolden

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We were first introduced to Dayna via her How to Turn Your Influence into Income interview on the Side Hustle Pro Podcast. Hearing her story and how easy she made success sound intrigued us. We wasted no time searching her out on instagram and clicking that follow button. A few moments on her page and it was crystal clear clear why this wife, mom, boss is so in demand. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous with impeccable style, she’s managed to make a name for herself amid all the noise on social media. Actually, she hasn’t just made a name for herself, she’s asserted her authority with her bomb influence.  So, we did what any media outlet who’s hungry for a story would do, we stalked her until the opportunity presented itself. Once the theme for issue 02 was confirmed, we knew she would be perfect for our cover feature.  Because really, how does one balance being great at everything?

Society places so much pressure on us....it didn’t take much to write the script because these insecurities are so prevalent.
— Mary Moutry

A Closer Look

Behind this eccentric film movement is CashOut Productions which is comprised of dynamic husband and wife art duo, Karim and Mary Moutry. This film’s profound storyline created by Mary and powerful images created by Karim eloquently capture the struggle of womanhood and blackness. What’s unique about CashOut Productions is that they utilize low budgeting to push their creative limits the furthest and create top quality statement films. Both Karim and Mary are self-taught with no formal training and are committed to their vision to bring forth truthful narratives, to capture the voice of those who have none and to tell the stories that may have otherwise never been told.

Excerpt from Interview with Mary Mouthy, co-creator of The Cost of Beauty, pg 14



Looking back...

  • Why the Road to STEM is Paved with Goals

  • Interviews with Professionals in STEM

  • The Importance of Self-Care

  • How to Prepare for Next School Year

  • How to Foster a Love for Literature in your home

  • Letters written from the Parent + Teacher Perspectives

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Dr. Lesly-Anne Samedy is a recent graduate of Mercer University, where she was the first African American-and only the second female-to complete the dual PharmD/PhD program. Prior to her studies at Mercer, she completed a Masters program focusing on molecular biology at Georgia State. And, her foundation was laid at THE Fayetteville State University-Home of the Broncos! Dr. Samedy is a forever student with a passion for research that has lead her to not only lead, but also instruct others. She is a Delta woman, a loyal friend, an excited fiance’, and a dynamic professor. And, her road to STEM is paved with #goals!

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Self-care looks and feels like peace and the form it comes in can be different for everyone. We are all individuals first, so different things feed us.
— Whitney Franklin

A Closer Look

“Self-care, for me, means self preservation, and not in a survival of the fittest concept -more so, mastering yourself. It’s a basic aspect of our life that is often overlooked despite our understanding of how critical it is. If we embraced “Self-Care” more, our whole societal structure would shift. It would have to be admitted and accepted that life here in America isn’t focused on people and living in the bounds of picket fences. Instead, our focus is on  building fences for lucrative purposes ultimately, continuing the mission of capitalism. We are struggling to maintain our sanity, as we live lives where we either don’t make time, are conditioned to believe we don’t have time or don’t know how to use our time to adequately care for ourselves.”

Excerpt from Interview with Whitney Franklin of Live Your Freedom, pg 6