our roots

Classrooms have changed tremendously in the last 15 years. And as parents, we must adapt to prevent our children from falling behind. One parent's fight to ensure that her child excelled became her purpose to provide a platform for other children to do the same. The Pretty Geeky Kids Club is a whole-listic approach to fundamental learning-providing solutions that yield results.  

The founder, Laneshia Lamb, vividly remembers conversations with her coworkers about "common core," a term that seemed to be accompanied by thunder in many circles. Her coworkers would tell her about the difficulties they were having with their children. She didn't understand their frustrations until she began to feel a few of her own.

She thought her son was prepared for school. She had been reading to him since he was in the womb, and he had every learning game on the market. She soon realized that she had barely scraped the surface. There was much more work to be done.

By this time, she was working from home, allowing her the flexibility to help with homework and frequently visit the school. What she quickly learned was that teachers aren't always excited about parents being hands-on. And administration supports their staff first and foremost. What started as the beginning of an exciting journey in her and her son's life, quickly became a struggle.

By his second-grade year, Laneshia had created an in-home schooling environment to supplement what her son was learning in school. Although he managed to complete each of the preceding years at or above grade-level, Laneshia wasn't taking any chances. His first-grade year was a nightmare, and she made up her mind to not rely solely on what the teachers sent home or what they covered in class as a measurement for where her son needed to be.

Her experience, along with many other parents she encountered, led her to create a platform that would provide a one-stop-shop opportunity for parents to get the resources they needed to assist their children in excelling. Laneshia was once told that teachers are overworked and overwhelmed, those words stuck with her and motivated her to expand what she was doing at home.

It wasn't until she realized that she was somewhat "lucky" because she worked from home that the desire to create something became real. What about the parents who don't work from home? Do the children automatically suffer when the parents work long hours? They shouldn't have to.

It takes a village.....

We are sure you noticed our use of the word whole-listic. This spelling was absolutely on purpose. Years ago, we lived by the notion that "it takes a village to raise a child." In recent years, many of us have strayed away from this belief. The Pretty Geeky Kids Club is here to reignite this light. It takes everybody to ensure that our children are successful. It's a whole contribution on the behalf of many. The sooner we accept this, the less stress we expose ourselves to as parents.

Get the help you and your child need.