Our Team


laneshia lamb, founder

Pretty Geeky Kids Club is near and dear to my heart. As I help others, I am also helping my son and myself. It was through my own experiences that I realized parents and teachers, alike, needed more support. The PGKC team is that support. We are working diligently to ensure that the opportunity to succeed is there for everyone.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed.
— Laneshia Lamb, MBA

waneshia goines, family support specialist

With over ten years of experience in Family Services and Human Resources, I understand the importance of access and exposure. Knowledge is something that, once earned, cannot be taken away. Some may consider it the great equalizer that is imperative to our survival. It's nearly impossible to navigate through life successfully without support, and that is why I care enough to act.

You have to care enough to act!
— Waneshia Goines, MSW, CSSW

kenyatta lanier, youth development specialist

As a wife and mother, Kenyatta Dixon, believes the educational foundation begins at home. However, she also realizes that not every home has access to the resources necessary to provide the stability through their learning process. After all, education is the one thing that, once obtained, can not be taken from you. As a result, she chose to dedicate her education to youth and family studies, with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and a Masters in Youth and Family Community Organizations. The last ten years of her life have been dedicated to enriching the community she lives in as a Cooperative Extension 4-H agent. 

Education is the one thing that, once obtained, can not be taken from you.
— Kenyatta Lanier, MA

constance thomas, curriculum specialist

My passion for children led me here, and I am so excited. I can not wait to see and work with all of you! As a Fayetteville State University graduate with a bachelors in Early Childhood Development, I understand the importance of a solid foundation. Over the last seven years, I have honed my skills as an educator and, most importantly, a coach. I coach my students to victory. It is my goal to make learning fun and exciting. Let's dig deeper into the curriculum and get you ahead.

I understand the importance of a solid foundation.
— Constance Thomas, MA

dr. lesly samedy, curriculum specialist

As a double minority in the field of science, I have been exposed to the need for more diverse representation in STEM.  I am a postdoctoral research fellow with a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree, where my research aims to address racial and ethnic disparities in pulmonary and cardiovascular disease.  Minority students lack positive academic role models that “look like them”.  I hope to help ease the burden through my activism and involvement in this educational endeavor.  Fostering this education initiative is necessary for the betterment of historically disadvantaged communities.  Education opens the doors for minorities to become successful professionals, and in turn, promotes wealth and knowledge is their communities. 

Fostering this education initiative is necessary for the betterment of historically disadvantaged communities.
— Dr. Lesly Samedy, PhD, PharmD

Lillie R. Lanier, Curriculum Specialist

With over twenty years in education, I understand what it takes to create excellence in the classroom. I have experience in elementary education and middle grades, and the one thing that is overwhelmingly clear: every child can learn. They may do so at a different pace than their peers, but the potential is there. As educators and facilitators, it is our responsibility to tap into that potential. It's not always easy though, and that's why support outside of the classroom is so crucial. The same expectations I set forth in my class should be upheld at home as well.

Every child can learn, it may be at a different pace but the potential is there. As educators, we have to help them tap into that potential.
— Lillie R. Lanier, ME