We have tons of awesome things happening at the Pretty Geeky Kids Club, many of which are listed below. But before you scroll, check out our Summer Camp Fundraiser.


Are you ready for a 'seriously epic summer'? Well, you're in the right place. PGKC is kicking off its first-ever Geek Tank, and we're fusing robotics + business. At the end, the kids will have a pretty cool way to showcase what they've learned.

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Mzazi is swahili for parent or 'person from whom one is descended' and it is PGKC's official publication. Mark your calendars! On May 1st at 8 pm est, we are having our Virtual Launch Party LIVE on Facebook. We have a program of awesomeness as we give you a dose of what to expect from our first issue.

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Not only can you get the book, you can now get the course. Comprehension 101 uses 'Barrington Learns to Read' to break down and understand text. Our goal is to make comprehension common. We want to help your son or daughter build a foundation that will support them for many classrooms to come.

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Check out the topics that are weighing heavily on our minds......

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