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We're Connected, Now What?

Making Money Moves

You shouldn't have to choose between your career and your child's performance. I want you to shoot your shot. I also want your child to shoot theirs. Why not do both! Download the Making Money Moves checklist to become more aware and prepared, as you continue building a legacy for your family.

Reading Proficiently

Have you been wrecking your brain trying to positively impact your child's reading proficiency? Download our guide and check out these easy-to-implement ways to improve your son or daughter's comprehension skills. And remember, practice builds performance.

Written Comprehension

Don't waste your vacation vacationing. Keep your child actively learning by continuing to read 30 minutes each day AND practicing those concepts that need a little extra loving. I created this template to help your reader strengthen their written comprehension skills. 

Join the Club

By now I am sure you're pretty familiar with what we offer. But just incase you need a reminder, here goes:

  • Access to our Online Resource Bank
  • Weekly Assignments + Assessments
  • Weekly Virtual Reading Group

Doesn't that sound awesome, and it's only $4.99/month.


When Parents and Teachers form a Team,
Success is the Outcome!



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It started with the challenge to GO LIVE every single day and it grew into an obsession to close the gap between parents and teachers. As a classroom volunteer, student mentor, and parent, I see first-hand how quickly things can be lost in translation. However unintentional, the misunderstandings can be damaging. Join me on Facebook Live, every night at 8:00 pm, as I discuss the topics that affect our children in and out of the classroom.  

Content Highlights:

  • The Power of Team Teach
  • Creating the Opportunity for Success
  • It Takes a Village Mentality


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The Productivity Workshop is an online series organized by Teacher Magic. The workshop includes 7 experts, and I am one of them. We all agreed to share with you ways to create an AMAZING learning environment, increase student and parent engagement, manage work related stress, create additional streams of revenue, and power through thoughts about wanting to give up on education. Catch this awesomeness on replay.

Content Highlights:

  • 3 Ways to Integrate Writing into your Instruction
  • 3 Ways to Write in the Beyond to Relieve Stress
  • 6 Additional Presentations Chocked Full of Quality Tips

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